Large Capacity Middle Scale Industrial Chocolate Enrobing Machine

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Jinan Qunlong Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hereafter called "Dragons Machine") is an international high-tech enterprise, a council member of Chinese North China Pet Industry Association (CNCPIA), awarded by...

Адрес: Китай, 250000, Jinan, , Xiaotun Industry Zone, Antou, Jinan, China
Телефон: +8653186926918
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Компания: Jinan Qunlong Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Город: Jinan
Категория: Машины и станки

Chocolate Enrobing Machine focused the enrober design on end-product accuracy, fast cleaning and changeovers and accurate temperature control. Enrobers can fully coat or bottom-coat only, and decorate a variety of products

A unique feature is the ability to remove the complete carriage from the enrober onto a wash-down trolley, without the use of tools; it can then be thoroughly cleaned, greatly reducing downtime. These units have proven very popular with both bar and chocolate manufacturers

Cooling tunnels are used to cool chocolate and compound, bar slabs, cookies and other food products. Cooling tunnels are constructed in stainless steel for durability, cleaning and hygiene purposes

The tunnels meet the latest standards in hygienic design, ensuring fast, simple and thorough cleaning throughout all areas of the tunnels. From the hoods, beds, drive and evaporator sections, all areas can be accessed, cleaned and dried easily

A variety of profile setups can be achieved, depending on the product being processed and the heat loads. Tunnels are equipped with lift-up covers enabling easy access for cleaning

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