Galvanized Steel Pipe

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Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd, with 24 years of steel pipes manufacturing, is a world-class production and service provider of submerged arc straight seam...

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Galvanized steel pipe(galvanized pipe), Galvanised steel pipe(galvanised pipe)

Galvanized steel pipes are made of steel that has been covered with a layer of zinc metal. During the galvanizing process, we immerse the steel in a molten zinc bath, ensuring a tough, uniform barrier coating.


1.Building and structural material

2.Mechanical and general engineering purposes

3.Manufacturing of Bus Body, Railway Boogies

4.In Telephone department as Conduit Pipes

Types: Galvanzied welded steel pipe, galvanzied seamless steel pipe

Materials: Carbon steel

Connection type: threaded

Size range:1/8"-36"

Schedule: sch40, sch80, sch120, sch160, XH, XXH

Length of the galvanized tubes

in diameter 4 - 16 mm 6000 + 100 mm

in diameter 18 - 42 mm 6000 + 50 mm

Tolerances of the zinc coated tubes

- tolerances of the outside diameter:

diameter between 4 - 30 mm ±0,08 mm

diameter between 35 - 38 mm ±0,15 mm

diameter up to 42 mm ±0,20 mm

- tolerances of the inside diameter are according to EN 10305-4

- tolerance of the wall thickness ± 10%

The Steel grades for the zinc coated tubes

E 235+N and E 355+N

Surface condition of the galvanized tubes

First layer – electrolitically leached zinc (Zn) – acts as anode and in a corrosive environment it corrodes first and the base metal is cathodically protected against corrosion. The zinc layer thickness may be in the range of 5 to 30 micrometers (µm).

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