Offer Safety operation specification Blower DC Fan,light-weight Blower Fan 40X40X20mm

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Shenzhen Huaxia Guangda Electronic Co.Ltd.Specialize in researching,manufacturing and

selling all kinds of DC Fan,AC Fan,DC Blower fan. We own engineers handle jobs including program, quality...

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Offer Safety operation specification Blower DC Fan,light-weight Blower Fan 40X40X20mm

Shenzhen Huaxia Guangda Electronic Co.,Ltd.professional manufacturer of

Safety operation specification Blower DC Fan,light-weight Blower Fan AC Fan,CPU coolers, DC brushless

fans, CPU cooling fan equipments, computer case fans, computer coolers, system coolers,

HDD coolers, PC water coolers, VGA coolers, DC fans,heat sink fans.electronic motors,

customized electric motors- DC motors, DC electrical motors, brushless DC motors.All of

our products is made by high quality of raw materials,and are incorporated with latest technology.

Products Specification

1.)Name:Safety operation specification Blower DC Fan,light-weight Blower Fan


3.)Size:40mmx40mmX20mm(L*W* H)




7.)Power:1.1 (W)


9.)Air flow]:3.5(CFM)




13.)Temperature]Housing/Blade:Thermoplastic PBT.UL 94V-0

Operation Temperature:-10 to 70degree(Humidity 35%-85%RH)

Storage Temperature:-40 to 80 degree(Humidity 35%-85%RH)

Contact person: Teresa Skype:hx-fan QQ:2780673541 WWW.HX-FAN.COM

1.What is a DC Fan?

DC fan is usually powered by 3v,5v,12v,24v,36v and 48v.It blows air along the

axis of the fan,or parallel to the track of the blade axis.Standard DC Axial

fan sizes include 20mm,30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,92mm,120mm,150mm,200mm.

2.What is a bearing?

Fan bearing includes Sleeve Bearing and Ball Bearing,life expectancy of sleeve

bearing fan is 30000hours,while ball bearing is 50000hours or more.

3.What's can we do?

We are do fan's many years ago,provide Safety operation specification Blower DC Fan,light-weight Blower Fan

Brushless DC fans and inductive DC Fan,DC Fan Cooler,AC fans,Cooling fan,Axial

Fans,Brushless FAN,Blowers Fan,humidifier Fans,Purifier Fan,LED Fan,AC Fans,Cross-flow

Fan,Mini Fans,super fan.

1).Size from 15~254mm,thickness from 6~89mm.

2).Voltage from DC 3.3V,5V,12V,24V,48V to AC 110V,220V and dual voltage.

3).Ball,sleeve or hybrid,wire lead or terminal,auto restart protection,locked rotor

alarm,speed sensor(tachometer),temperature controlled speed,Heat-sinks are almost

always customized.

4)."HX-FAN"products have a low noise,little vibration,temperature is low.,the good

performance and reliable operation,Is widely used in automation machinery and equipment,

electronic instrumentation,medical equipment,computer office automation,household

appliances and so on.

For more information,you can contact with our sales representatives freely.Shenzhen Huaxia

Guangda Electronic Co.,Ltd. is your best choice.

"HX-FAN" DC Blower Fan Service

1.)Fan adopts the most advanced design,with large air volume,low noise,long life,

corrosion resistance.

2.)A strong engineering design capabilities,cooperated with domestic and foreign many

well-known fan factory partnership,has a strong technical support,we can design according

to customer requirements and manufacture specialized products.

3.)Original imported ISC Ball bearing from Japan,silicon steel sheet,enameled wire,has

higher well as competitive price

4.)Free sample,Sample lead time:3-5 days,bulk production lead time:10-15 days

5.)Considerate and meticulous service,and fast on time delivery.

DC Blower Fan Line of production From "HX-FAN"

(1)Send Free sample-(2)Sample&specification confirmed by clients-(3)Quotation-(4)Receive

clients official order-(5)Make BOM file-(6)Purchase raw materials-(7)Arrange production time

-(8)Confirming conditions-(9)Motor production-(10)Final Assembly-(11)QA inspection-(12)

packing and to warehouse-(13)“HX-FAN”QC Final Quality Control-(14)received payment


Basic Specifications For DC Blower Fan Quotation:

1.)Rated Voltage:

2.)Rated Current:

3.)Rated Speed:

4.)Air Flow:

5.)Air Pressure:

6.)Noise Level:

7.)Bearing Type:

8.)Extra Customized Requirement:

Above information will help us to give you good idea to quote.

Shenzhen Huaxia Guangda Electronic Co.,Ltd.[ DC Blower Fan Manufacturer]

Address:#24,Xinhe Avenue,Baoan district,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China




Contact person:Teresa

Skype:hx-fan QQ:2780673541


Any requirement you have for Cooling fan,AC Fan,DC Fan,Blower Fan,CPU Cooling Fan,Brushless

Fan,please feel free to contact me.i will offer the right products with competitive price for you!

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