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Since founded in 1998, HiRain Technologies has become one of the leading Chinese suppliers for development tools, automotive electronic products, consulting and training services. At present, HiRain...

Адрес: Китай, 100192, Beijing, , Building B-1, Dongsheng Science Park, No.66 Xixiaokou Rd., Haidian Dist., Beijing, P.R.China,
Телефон: 86-10-64840808
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Компания: Beijing Jingwei HiRain Technologies Co., Ltd
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Город: Beijing
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More advanced electrical applications, such as adjustable front light system, power mirrors and seats, and immobilizer controller have been widely used to improve driving security and comfort.

With years of experience in body electric control system and network/BUS development, HiRain has been able to provide high quality and customized body controller (BCM) products for the market. We provide products to both passenger and commercial vehicle OEMs, such as FDM,LiFan Motor, China Auto, Loncin, and FAW. Our products have also been verified by a number of international automotive test standards.

General Functions

• Power management

• Interior and exterior lighting control(meet the ECE48 regulatory standards)

• Windows and door locks, wipers motor control

• Rear defrost and alarm horn control

• Headlamp beam level adjustment

• Remote keyless entry(RKE)

• Passive entry & passive start/Immobilizer(PEPS/IMMO)

• Tire Pressure Monitor System(TPMS)

• Instrument signal indication and fault diagnosis (CAN interface or wire connection)

• CAN/LIN network and gateway routing

Characteristics Functions

• Fault and work record store, vehicle information backup

• Calibration parameters and operating mode

• Testing referrals

• Limp home


• Offer EEA design consult and assistance to OEMs

• Smart power switch driver in Output controlling

• Customized configuration for parameters

• Flexible product designs

• Extensive development and testing experience

• Reduced usage cost by providing self-diagnosis function

• Reduced weight and improves reliability by advancing the wiring system

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passive entry and passive start system

passive entry and passive start system

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Adaptive Front-lighting System

Adaptive Front-lighting System

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