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China wholesaler of consumer electronics: mobile phone, solar charger, IPod / iPhone / IPad / Blackberry accessories, Spy Gadgets (earphone, Hidden Camera, GSM Listening Device, Spy Keylogger, etc.,),...

Адрес: Китай, 518116, Shenzhen, , Long gang street
Телефон: +861(382) 435-0155
Компания: simenibiz inc
Цена: 16 $
Город: Shenzhen
Категория: Электроприборы

This system was specifically designed for those special situations where people need to communicate secretly.
This is a wireless electromagnetic wave inductive and receiving device, which are designed completely in accordance with the human ear canal.
He writes a hidden signal transmission and receiver system with an electromagnetic wave inductive module.
The advantage is wearing comfortable, compact configuration, ease of operation and a good disguise.

Mainly applies to working condition for expositing earphones and headphones uncomfortable body, such as
* Anti-terrorism
* Criminal Intelligence
* Broadcasting
* Drama
* Law Enforcement
* Bodyguard
* Studios sets
Operations * conference
* Exam and other covert operations

Key Features:
* Small silver / gold headset, excellent camouflage
* Free Magnetic stone for removing the earpiece from the ear
* This is a two way system, you can speak and hear
* Free jack / mic for cell phone, Talkie Walkie, mp3-player ...
* Plug and play design
* A new board design, more stable, more secure
* Internal amplification, the best sound for specific types of phones

Speaker size: φ3 x 1,5 mm (Tiny Size)
Speaker Weight: <0,1 g
Volume Output: Average
Frequency: 350 Hz - 5 kHz
Distortion factor: <5%
Battery Style: Two 9V batteries
Battery life: Up to 5 hours.

What's in the package:
2 * Mini earphone
1 * Strong magnet
1 * Inductive loop / coil (powered by 2pcs of 9V battery) to the transmitter
1 * 3,5 mm jack (also works for the iPhone) audio cable with microphone
1 * 3,5 mm jack 2,5 mm jack audio adapter
1 * 3,5 mm jack connector for Nokia Audio Adapter
1 * Bluetooth stereo headset (not included, if desired)


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