VERTU Signature S Futura Yellow Gold

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Vertu4u is the top rank luxury cellphone, creators and designers wished to achieve an unique combination of perfect handwork and highest technologies.

Vertu is much more than usual cellphone....

Адрес: Тайланд, 10500, Bangkok, , 125 Silom Rd
E-mail адрес:
Компания: Vertu4u
Артикул: 13752
Цена: 480 $
Город: Bangkok
Категория: Телекоммуникации

The VERTU Signature S Futura Gold luxury clone may look familiar to you. That’s because we already released a gold version of this copy. Now, we have released a silver one for those who aren’t interested in gold and to add variety to the site.

The Futura line of luxury mobiles may be the next thing for the Signature series. With the Signature S line of premium phones already dominating for so long, it may be time for a successor. Not that there is anything wrong with the Signature S-it is a remarkable luxury phone-but customers favor variety and not everyone has the same taste.

This phone is made of stainless steel and ceramics. It is covered with silver plating and black paint, giving it an extremely luxurious appearance.

The cool thing about the Futura line of phones is they all have a 2.0 MP camera, a feature most Signature phones don’t have. They retain most of the other features of the other Signature phones like a variety of languages, 1GB internal memory, blue-tooth capability, GPRS internet capability, etc.

NB! The VERTU Signature S Futura Gold copy is fully unlocked to work with any provider in the world. Unlike other manufacturers who use the same IMEI codes for their replicas, our VERTU Signature S Futura Gold replica phones feature different IMEI codes so that your phone does not get shut down in case the IMEI number is reported.


Phone style: bar phone

Dimension: 130*41*15mm

Net weight: 128g

Display size: 1.8"

Display resolution: 176x220px

Announced: 2010.October 4th

Talk time: 160-240 mins

Standby time: 140-220 hours

FM: yes

Image format: jpg/ gif/ bmp

Audio play format: MP3

Video play format: 3GP/ MP4/ AVI

Ringtone types: MP3/ MIDI

E-book: TXT

Card expansion: 4GB

Data transfer: U disc/ Bluetooth

Phone book: 500 entries

Messaging: SMS/ MMS

Languages: English, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnam Simplified Chinese, Italiano, Deutsch.

Other functions: handsfree, voice memo, WAP, Bluetooth, GPRS, On-line stock, IP call, alarm clock, to-do list, calculator, etc.


This phone provides an amazing user experience that would rival its far higher-priced competitors. Its smooth-looking style, and its brilliant case, make this phone a pleasure to look at and use. This GSM product is compatible with the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. It can be used throughout the world. Bluetooth technology allows wireless communication between compatible devices. Talk handsfree with a Bluetooth headset or exchange files with another Bluetooth compatible device. Liberate your minds and hands. Via FM radio, you can tune into your favorite channels whenever you'd like to take a break from the daily grind. In addition, the card expansion is high up to 4GB. It can be used as a storage device.

Luxury, glory, generosity are the essence of Vertu K1.

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