Impact of heat generated by batteries in new energy equipment on cables

Charging speed is an important factor limiting the development of electric vehicles, and high-power charging is the mainstream trend for future growth. Fast charging can significantly reduce charging time. Shortening the charging time, but high current inevitably brings heating problems. The accumulation of a large amount of heat will not only accelerate the aging of the cable insulation or sheath, but also damage the cable and shorten the life of the user. The accumulation of a large amount of heat will not only accelerate the aging of the cable insulation or sheath, but even damage the cable, threatening the life and property safety of users.

Solutions provided by professional cable manufacturers:

At present, professional cable manufacturers are aware of this problem and have applied some proven heat dissipation solutions in their product designs. Take our customer-customized DC fast charging cable as an example.

Option 1: Increase the cross-sectional area of the conductor to enhance the load capacity, but this will increase the overall size and weight of the cable and bring inconvenience to use.

Option 2: Change auxiliary materials to reduce heat transfer resistance; change fillers, wrapping tapes and other structural materials. New materials with good thermal conductivity are used to conduct heat to the sheath, reduce the temperature rise of the wire core, and enhance the load capacity.

Option 3: Use cooling and heat dissipation technology; add cooling tubes or coolants to the cable to remove heat through the circulation of the cooling system, which allows larger current charging without increasing the size of the cable.

According to information, how many public charging piles for our electric vehicles are expected to give up the right to use home charging piles? Obviously, electric vehicle charging cables are used on charging piles or connectors, and their use at charging stations does not pose too many safety risks. However, you need to choose electric vehicle charging cables that meet the specifications. To learn about cable products that comply with standards, please visit: https://www.omgevcable.com

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