The effect of high power fast charging of electric vehicles on the temperature of charging cables

Electric vehicle high-power fast charging will have a significant impact on the charging cable temperature. These energy conversions and losses generate heat, so the temperature of the charging cable rises as the charging power increases.

When electric vehicles are charged using high power fast charging, the charging power usually reaches 100kw or more and can even reach 350kw or more. These high power charging modes require the use of large diameter, high conductivity cables to transmit the power. These cables generate large resistance losses when transmitting power and therefore heat up, causing the cable temperature to rise.

If the cable temperature rises too quickly or beyond a certain range, it can have adverse effects on the cable, such as damaged cable insulation, cable deformation, and cable deterioration. These problems can lead to a reduction in the safety performance of the cable, and may even cause serious accidents such as fire.

Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of high power fast charging of electric vehicles need to need to reasonably design and select the charging cable to ensure that the cable can withstand high power charging scenarios, and the temperature of the charging cable needs to be monitored and controlled to ensure that the cable temperature does not exceed the safe range. At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the maintenance and repair of the charging equipment and replace the aging and damaged charging cables in time to ensure the normal operation of the charging equipment.

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