When electric vehicles are designated as "high voltage" systems

In the automotive industry, high voltage refers to a DC voltage above 60V, at which the demand for contact protection is mandatory. I believe everyone knows that automotive high-voltage cables are the carrier of power transmission connecting automotive high-voltage system equipment, and are important for product performance requirements.

Among them, the voltage range of electric two-wheeled vehicles and tricycles on the market varies from 24V to 72V, depending on the power and acceleration requirements of the vehicle. However, for 2W and 3W vehicles, voltages up to 60V are preferred to keep the certification process simpler and cheaper. The 48V system is most suitable for 2W and 3W electric vehicles, and vehicles such as the Mahindra Treo and the Ather 450 belong to this category.

For 4W electric vehicles, the voltage range is typically between 300 and 500V. Of course, 800V to 1200V electric buses will be used in various regions. For more EV cable consultation information: https://www.omgevcable.com

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