The Hydraulic Cartridge Valve with 3 advantages and pressure resistance of 450bar, is derived from AAK 3 clever tricks of the optimization

Dakshesh is from a hydraulic equipment manufacturing company in India. They have a batch of high-power hydraulic cylinders and need to customize hydraulic cartridge valves. Dakshesh chose a local manufacturer that has cooperated for 6 years to make samples. During the equipment commissioning, the hydraulic cartridge valve has large pressure impact, noise, and the overload overflow protection action is not sensitive, resulting in the instability of the hydraulic cylinder. The manufacturer of the hydraulic cartridge valve reported that these are unavoidable under the working condition of 450 bar high pressure. Dakshesh contacted more than 10 other hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers, but there were no results. The engineer has urged several times, Dakshesh was in a hurry.

Dakshesh wrote an email to AAK. He introduced himself that one of his hydraulic cylinder customers suggested him to contact AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. After communication, it was learned that one of my old customers in India introduced AAK to him. Dakshesh encountered the problem of hydraulic thread cartridge under 450bar working condition. For the hydraulic cartridge valve, under 450 bar high pressure, free of impact and noise, and stable operation, it is a typical requirement of German HAWE cartridge valves. I told him that this can be solved completely by HAWE, or AAK. For cartridge valves in the high-pressure field, AAK benchmarks HAWE, because our engineers have worked in HAWE for more than 10 years, and have excellent skills in high-pressure. After 35 days, AAK sent 12 customized samples of hydraulic cartridge valves.

Yesterday, Dakshesh sent an email, wishing the AAK cartridge valve a smooth start. At the same time, he told me that the hydraulic cylinder with AAK hydraulic cartridge valve is not only noiseless, but also stable. The high-power hydraulic cylinder prototype has been delivered to the customer, and he is confident to get a big order.

AAK hydraulic cartridge valve has low impact, no noise and is stable under high pressure of 450bar. The key is due to 3 unique structures:

1. The outer cavity of the right end of the hydraulic cartridge valve guide valve seat is connected with personalized pressure regulating screw and lock nut. The outer side of the left end of the guide valve seat is connected with the oil replenishing valve sleeve.

2. The oil make-up valve sleeve is coaxial with the main valve spool and the main valve piston. The pressure regulating screw is connected with the guide valve spool, and the two ends of the guide valve spool are respectively located in the inner cavity of the guide valve seat and the oil make-up valve sleeve.

3. The left end of the guide valve seat and the right end of the main valve spool are connected with the first spring, and the first spring is connected with the outside of the seal body. Both the front end of the guide valve seat and the inside of the main valve piston are equipped with orifices. When high-pressure oil passes through, the impact is small and there is no noise.

For the optimized AAK hydraulic cartridge valve, the oil inlet of the guide valve seat is located in the rear hole of the valve body and the oil makeup valve sleeve, which is equivalent to integrating the guide valve, main valve and oil makeup valve into the oil makeup valve. In this way, it has the dual functions of overflow and oil replenishment. High pressure resistance 450bar, small impact, noiseless and stable.

AAK hydraulic cartridge valve has three advantages under high pressure of 450bar. You can also try it!



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