AAK Hydraulic Valve will change when it knows it's wrong. It only focuses on its own cards, and never get up to little tricks secretly

Last time, I mentioned that a hydraulic valve colleague received a very big order for hydraulic cartridge valves. In fact, according to his capacity, even in a specific processing process, he was unable to complete the big order, but he still accepted it. These days, there are problems. First, the delivery date is hard to catch up. Second, there are quality complaints about the delivered hydraulic cartridge valves. Now, he is not only faced with claims, but also with lawsuits.

In fact, this customer also contacted AAK Hydraulic Valve. I calculated that if I accepted this big order, AAK would need to stop the production for cartridge valve orders of other customers. Although this order is large enough, I still gave up. This also reminds me of a development order for SUN hydraulic cartridge valve 5 years ago. One week after the development was started, I found that AAK could not achieve the accuracy of this model. I resolutely stopped and apologized to the customer. Despite the waste of 1 week, SUN hydraulics still sensed that AAK can correct the mistake as soon as we know it.

You and I are ordinary people. To know your mistakes and change them is the most important thing to do after accepting the reality. I think what is being done, if it is wrong, should be stopped as soon as possible. However, most people will speed up their actions after doing something wrong, and then do more wrong things. If they make mistakes, it is more difficult to know and stop loss. There are 2 main reasons:

1. This is too important for me. I can't lose. This is to confuse desire and reality. In the end, we will lose even more.

2. I spent too much effort and money to lose. This is because he did not understand the sunk cost and was kidnapped by the past.

In fact, it is not accurate enough to say "correct when you know your mistakes". Over the years, I have considered that Go, such as AI chess, is not "correct mistakes", but always take the final result as the evaluation standard, and pursue the best hand at present. What is right and wrong? It can only be based on comparison.

1. The ability to evaluate which move is good depends on IQ and foresight;

2. It depends on reason and will to be able to play better chess.

Behind the coherence is our illusion of cause and effect, our greed for "there must be rewards for efforts", our constant dependence on endless time, and our short-sighted vision of the future. Even the best explanation for yourself:

1. "The same thing this time" often becomes the new evidence that "people cannot step into the same river twice";

2. "This time something different" has become the new evidence of "nothing new under the sun".

Hegel said, "The only lesson that mankind has learned from history is that it has not learned any lessons from history." In fact, it is not that people do not accept the lessons, but always feel that those lessons are aimed at other unlucky people, not themselves.

The former is normal, and the latter is common sense. People often confuse normal with common sense. For example, if you enter a more fragrant environment, you will not feel fragrant after a while. The new environment is the new normal, and the adaptability of smell is common sense. The reason why it is so difficult to "accept reality and correct mistakes" is that it is "anti human" to do so.

Every morning, people wake up from dream and enter a longer daydream. Dreaming is not terrible. It is terrible not to wake up. It is like wearing mutton skewers every moment, integrating the continuity of the past, stringing a lot of accidental strings along the time sequence, editing, color mixing, music, with the title and subtitles.

Musk said: I would rather be wrong optimistic than right pessimistic. This may mean to fantasize optimistically, plan pessimistically and implement calmly.

AAK Hydraulic Valve is focused on the present. No matter how bad the situation is, it can always find the relatively best hand and firmly go out of that hand. Just like Daimeng in "Mars Rescue", even if you are trapped alone on the remote Mars, the probability of survival is almost zero, and you will divide all the food one by one, and calculate how many potatoes you need to grow.

The best hand is also a card, and the worst hand is also a card. Perhaps, there is no "break a good hand", because the biggest card in a hand is the player.

AAK Hydraulic Valve can go through mistakes, and change when it knows mistakes, but it never get up to little tricks secretly.

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