AAK is committed to producing hydraulic valves with positive mind, and treating strict customers with kindness

A few days ago, a colleague complained that Guru, an Indian customer, was not trustworthy. He promised AAK as their preferred hydraulic cartridge valve supplier. Half a year later, he sent samples of the hydraulic cartridge valves shipped by AAK to other hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers for inquiry. After communication, I learned that Guru had a cartridge valve that had a problem before, AAK helped him solve it, and Guru made a commitment to this colleague.

Whether in work or life, there are too many unsatisfactory things. For example, the promised cooperation has not been implemented; the person who promised to see you did not arrive; the phone promised to you was not called etc.

We should be happy when we listen to the promise from others, but don't take it too seriously. The advantage of this is that you are grateful for it if it is done; it doesn't matter if it is not done. You don't care too much about it, and naturally you won't be too disappointed to hate others.

In terms of concrete implementation, we must accept changes and have a philosophical attitude. Because time is changing, the situation is changing, the environment is changing, and the mood is changing, many variable influences will affect the original commitment. If you can accept the change, you can take good words and promises lightly and understand the difficulties of others. Besides, how should we expect the favors from others, just because they agreed?

I remember that many years ago, we went to Shanghai for training, and we met many local hydraulic valve colleagues in Shanghai, as well as fellow villagers and alumni. We were very happy together. There is an alumnus A, who is the leader of a unit and is equipped with a special car. He sent the car to pick up and drop off wherever we go, which was naturally much more convenient. Everyone thanked him one after another, and he promised: when you come to Shanghai in the future, you must let me know, I will send a car to pick you up.

Soon after, we went to Shanghai for refresher training. The engineer Zhang from the same training group wanted to go to the university in the suburbs to see his daughter. There was no direct bus there. Someone has an idea: let alumni A send a car to drive you there! Engineer Zhang called Alumni A without thinking about it. Alumni A told him that he was in Hong Kong. He was not there. It was not convenient to ask the company to send a car. Engineer Zhang was very angry. He told everyone that alumnus A was a man with empty talk: "Don't tell me if you can't do it".

I advised him: Alumni A said this to everyone, not to you only. Many people didn't take it to heart, just listened to it. Because we don't have much friendship with alumni A, what is the reason for them to pick us up? And alumnus A is also telling the truth. He is not in the company and still occupies the public car. It is really inappropriate. After all, it is the company's car, not his private car. Why should we make trouble for others?

In fact, many times, a word from others makes us have thoughts we should not have, and makes us lose self-knowledge. We should trust the goodwill of others, but we should not take it too seriously.

We should appreciate the kindness expressed by others, but we don't really have to accept the kindness of others. To face life with a grateful heart will always be full of positive energy. A person full of positive energy has the ability to turn others' goodwill into reality.

A person who takes the kindness of others for granted is not qualified to accept the kindness, because you lack a little virtue, and disappointment is inevitable and self-seeking. The same is true for us manufacturing hydraulic valves. If there is only price, no value; only profit, no quality, that virtue is also lacking.

AAK Hydraulic Valve, makes business with a positive mind, and makes friends with kindness.



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