AAK double spool Hydraulic Cartridge Pressure Control Valve, increased the equipment stability by 10%

Uistan comes from a hydraulic equipment manufacturing company in New Zealand, and has been in the company for 3 years. At the beginning of this year, an old customer of their company wanted to place the reorder for last customized hydraulic hoist, but required the stability to be increased by 10%. Their engineers required that: the hydraulic cylinder has a rod cavity, which is controlled by pressure; Rod less chamber, controlled by flow. Therefore, the hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve must have flow control and pressure control functions. Uistan contacted the original manufacturer to optimize the hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve, but the manufacturer was unable to do it. Uistan contacted more than 10 hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers, but they were all not confident to guarantee that the hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve has both flow and pressure control functions. The engineer urged the progress several times, and Uistan was worried.

While browsing Google, Uistean noticed AAK and left us a message: How to make the hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve have flow and pressure control functions at the same time? For this dual control hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve, there are not many hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers that can produce it. After communication, we learned that his customer requested to improve the stability of the equipment, and they made a dual function request for the original hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve. In fact, AAK has customer cases for dual function hydraulic cartridge valves. Uistan was relieved when he learned. He hoped that AAK can help with the sample quickly. After 35 days, AAK sent 8 samples of hydraulic cartridge pressure control valves.

3 months later, Uistan informed by email that after installing AAK hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve, the customer was satisfied with the prototype, and the stability of the hydraulic hoist was at least 10% higher than before, and was willing to buy it again.

The dual spool hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve designed by AAK allows two oil ports to adopt flow control and pressure control respectively, as follows:

1. Two connected fluid ports are respectively set on the two valve spools. The included angle between the center of the two ports and the connecting line between the ball center of the valve spool is 90 °. The two valve spools are set tangently. The caliber of the 4 fluid ports matches with the connecting port of the pipeline.

2. The lower ends of the two valve stems are connected with the valve spool. The valve body is provided with 4 pipeline connecting ports. The valve spool is arranged in the valve body. The upper end of the valve stem is connected with the valve stem control mechanism through the valve body. The center lines of the pipeline connecting ports are all located in the same plane. The contact parts between the two valve stems and the valve body are respectively provided with sealing rings.

3. The valve body bulges towards the middle of the valve body to form a diaphragm. The 4 fluid ports are connected through the diaphragm through-hole. Both sides of the diaphragm through-hole are attached with O-ring seals, which has good sealing performance and reduces the wear of the valve spool.

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